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PowerMax-Pro USB/RS Sensors with Laptop PowerMax-Pro USB/RS Sensors
PowerMax-Pro USB/RS Sensors
PowerMax-Pro USB/RS Sensors

New PowerMax-Pro incorporating LabMax-Pro instrumentation directly within the sensor cable.

PowerMax-Pro USB and RS sensors incorporate LabMax-Pro instrumentation directly within the sensor cable. Similar to other Coherent USB and RS sensors, this configuration offers a smaller form factor for use inside laser processing systems or production lines. Additionally, the cost of annual calibration is half that of a separate meter and sensor system. The PowerMax-Pro USB and RS sensors operate with LabMax-Pro PC applications software (included).

PowerMax-Pro USB and RS Sensors

PowerMax-Pro (Patent #9,012,848) represents a dramatic technological advancement in laser power sensing that utilizes a thin-film detector only microns thick which rapidly senses thermal changes due to incident laser energy. The result is a measurement response time below 10 μs, as compared to over 1 second for traditional thermopiles . These detectors can operate at high power over a spectral range as broad as 300 nm to 11 μm, and incorporate a large 30 mm x 30 mm active a rea.

The high response speed of PowerMax-Pro sensors is particularly advantageous in a wide range of commercial and medical applications. It enables nearly instant measurement of CW laser power, resulting in increased throughput, and also supports high resolution analysis of modulated laser pulse shapes resulting in improved laser characterization and process control.

Specifications PowerMax-Pro USB/RS 150 HD PowerMax-Pro USB/RS 150F HD
Wavelength Range 355 nm to 1100 nm; 9 μm to 11 μm 355 nm to 1100 nm; 9 μm to 11 μm
Average Power Range 200 mW to 150W 200 mW to 150W (17W max air-cooled, cont.)(65W max air-cooled, 5 min.)
Maximum Pulsed Peak Power (W) 200 200
Noise Equivalent Power (mW)
 Standard Mode (10 Hz) <4 <4
 High Speed Mode (20 kHz) <8 <8
 Snapshot Mode (625 kHz) <16 <16
Maximum Power Density (kW/cm²) 0.2 (150W) 0.2 (150W)
Maximum Peak Power Density (kW/cm²) 14 14
Maximum Energy Density (J/cm²) 0.700 (10 ns; 355 nm) 0.700 (10 ns; 355 nm)
Rise Time (μs) ≤10 ≤10
Fall Time (μs) ≤10 ≤10
Detector Coating HD HD
Diffuser None None
Active Area (mm) 30 x 30 30 x 30
Minimum Beam Size (mm) 2.0 2.0
1.0 (up to 3% error) 1.0 (up to 3% error)
Maximum Beam Size (mm) 30 30
Calibration Uncertainty (%) (k=2) at 810 nm ±2 ±2
Spectral Compensation Accuracy (%) ±5 ±5
Power Linearity (%) ±3 ±3
Spatial Uniformity (%) ±5 ±5
(center 75% of aperture; 2.5 mm beam)
Calibration Wavelength (nm) 810 810
Cooling Method Water/Air (intermittent) Fan
Cable Type USB/RS-232 USB/RS-232
Cable Length 4.2m (13.8 ft.) 4.2m (13.8 ft.)
Part Number 1295921 (USB) 1295920 (USB)
1295923 (RS-232) 1295922 (RS-232)

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